About us

Intergest is a leading Business Consulting and Accounting Services in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei. Intergest, your trusted partner in the dynamic world of business consulting and accounting services in Singapore.

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Our Services

We offer a global network of services to guide and support “export-focused” companies in the launching of their own branches abroad – from forming a local company, through business strategy, planning and administration, to establishing a full sales function within the foreign subsidiary.

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Singapore’s reputation as a business-friendly destination is bolstered by its attractive tax incentives. As a global financial hub, the city-state offers a range of tax schemes designed to promote economic growth, innovation, and investment.

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Malaysia has emerged as a prime destination for businesses seeking a competitive edge through enticing tax incentives. The country’s proactive approach to attracting investments and fostering economic growth is evident in its diverse range of incentives tailored to different industries and business activities.

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Vietnam has rapidly transformed into a thriving business destination, fueled by its strategic tax incentives designed to propel economic growth and encourage investment. The country’s pro-business approach is evident in its diverse range of incentives catering to various industries and business activities.

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Brunei’s strategic coastal location, cultural diversity, balanced lifestyle, political stability, prosperous economy, and attractive tax policies make it a captivating destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

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